Supporting you to have the birth you want

Supporting you to have the birth you want

Feel prepared, listened to, and in control during pregnancy and birth

The labour and birth techniques you will learn in my classes are bespoke. They include hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques to help reduce the likelihood of interventions, to reduce pain and to enable you to have a positive experience, even if you have a ‘high-risk’ pregnancy.

Better Birth Bespoke Course

My all-inclusive Better Birth Bespoke Hypnobirthing Course not only includes a full hypnobirthing course but it literally is an 'all-inclusive' package, to help you have a positive birth experience no matter what kind of pregnancy you are experiencing or birth you are planning.

Pregnancy Hypnobirthing Babymoon

At this unique 2 or 3-day countryside retreat you will have a wonderfully relaxing and pampered stay in a romantic and peaceful converted barn on the edge of the beautiful Suffolk countryside, and you and your birth partner will learn how to have the birth you want through coaching and education sessions tailored to your needs.

Pregnancy Wellbeing Retreat Days

A whole day for you, to focus entirely on your pregnancy and your baby. Designed to improve both your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing during pregnancy.
Expect to end the day feeling calm, relaxed and ready for a positive and empowering pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy and Birth Coaching
& Hypnobirthing Refresher Sessions

My pregnancy and birth coaching sessions and hypnobirthing refresher courses are tailored 1-to-1 sessions. During a refresher we talk through what went well during your last birth and what didn’t, what you want to happen differently this time and how to make that happen.



About me

Meet Debbie

Hi – I am Debbie Willis, a Pregnancy and Birth Coach and Antenatal Educator specialising in Hypnobirthing. I had two normal and straightforward (I often call them ‘boring’) births that led me to want to support women and birthing people to have the birth they want – a positive one – just like I did. During the past 10 years I have supported over 300 couples to feel calm and even excited about the birth and have had a great many positive birth stories from them showing how the tools and techniques they learnt helped them, no matter what birth journey they had on the day.

My passion is for all women to have a positive experience of birth and not be in fear of what their body is designed to do. My experience has led me to develop 7 key steps that help mums-to-be reduce fears they have around the birth and trust in their bodies to enable them to have the birth they want. They include hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques to help reduce the likelihood of interventions, to reduce pain that they may be feeling and help them feel in control, and having the tools to be able to make informed evidence-based decisions that are right for mum and baby

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"Nothing in life is to be feared it is only to be understood"

Marie Curie

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