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Refresh your knowledge with a hypnobirthing refresher course

If you have already learnt about hypnobirthing during a previous pregnancy, either with Better Birth & Baby or with another provider then a Refresher Course could be the perfect way to prepare both you and your birth partner this time round.  They can also be a great way to refresh your knowledge, get you kicked back into action and practising your techniques and hypnosis again!

A couple who had birth coaching hold their second child, a newborn

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If you are late on in your pregnancy or maybe have a very specific worry or fear about birth that you would like support with, then a one-off tailored birth coaching session may be the best option.

My birth coaching sessions and refresher courses are mainly for second or subsequent pregnancies and these sessions are unique. We talk through what went well last time and what didn’t, what you want to happen differently this time and how to make that happen.

After an initial discussion we will create a bespoke agenda for our session together.

Either book onto a free 20-min clarity call where we can discuss how I can support you or contact me here for more info.

Debbie from Better Birth & Baby

Curiosity call

Book your free no-obligation 20 minute face-to-face call with me to ask any questions about the kind of support I provide and find out how I can help you to have a positive birth experience.


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