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Birth Partners have a vital support role during birth; and these two Dads attended their classes with me via zoom.

Educating your birth partner can make a huge difference to your birth..

More often than not the birth partner is overlooked at birth, but they have such an important role. They need to support their birthing partner mentally, emotionally and physically

They need to be your advocate, help you get into that calm birthing zone, reduce any anxieties you may have and help you get back into the calm zone if you come out of it!  And lets not forget about being able to communicate and be Mums advocate with the medical team, if required.

During my coaching sessions and courses we often talk at length about the birth partners role and what they can do to help themselves and their partner have a positive birth experience.

I have had two birth partners talk to me about how grateful they were for attending my course, and so I asked them to write down some words on how they felt it had helped.. and this is what they wrote – thank you Ben and Lloyd!

“Firstly, I will hold my hands up and say I was a little skeptical at first, I mean women have been giving birth for thousands and thousands of years and therefore considered that whilst it’s definitely “hard work” for mums it’s one of the most natural things to go through.

Well I am really happy to say that my skepticism was put to bed very quickly.

This is my third child and my partner, Lucy’s first so I felt that I had been there, seen it, done it etc. However it’s amazing what you forget in a decade!

Debbie was fantastic, she took each of our respective concerns and there were a few, and broke them down and helped to massively alleviate them.

She provided really effective techniques to make the birth more manageable mentally and helped to provide a calm that perhaps had been lacking previously. She also provided me with several different tools, to help Lucy get through the labour.

We did the course over video call and after each of them we felt better equipped to deal with whatever was thrown at us.

I think the biggest gain from the sessions, was the confidence it provided Lucy to deliver our daughter Mia under any set of circumstances, but also for me as a partner who couldn’t be there for arguably the most important landmark of our relationship.

Lucy was amazing and adopted many of the techniques she had learned and practiced from our sessions and just 1 hour and 45mins after I arrived at the hospital she had our perfect little bundle of joy Mia.

I would highly recommend Debbie’s  course for both parents…we found it invaluable.”

  – Ben, Southampton, UK

“As a first time father-to-be, I came into this experience about as ill prepared as I’m sure many first time fathers are, I was not confident in my knowledge or my ability to help my partner.

Debbie was fantastic at communicating with us throughout the pregnancy, she established exactly what our concerns and issues were, structured her course to our wants, needs and fears, and really helped both of us believe in ourselves and our ability to have this baby, and find a sense of confidence neither of us had before.

Working with Debbie over Zoom has been smooth and easy, and whilst face to face contact is always nice, I don’t think either myself or my partner felt anything was missing from the experience.

Debbie is clearly incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of childbirth. She was the most comprehensive and best source of information I found during the whole pregnancy. She had the time and patience to talk us through things even our midwife didn’t have time for.

I would unequivocally endorse and recommend Debbie to anyone I knew who might be expecting a baby, I really cannot emphasize enough what a help she’s been!”

  – Lloyd, Cambridge, UK

Family photo after birth inc birth partner
The Birth Partner View



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