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The Pregnancy Relaxation hypnobirthing track is a perfect first hypnobirthing audio to listen to. It will help you become familiar with deep relaxation and feeling confident about trusting your body to birth your baby, it is an ideal short relaxation for pregnancy, especially for those of you who are busy doing a million and one things.  

Simply take some time out, close your eyes, and listen….  

BUT please don’t listen whilst driving!

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An educational 6-page guide on why you might feel pain during labour and birth and importantly, ten things that you can do to reduce it.
I believe that educating yourself about the birth is the first step to helping you to have a positive experience and this guide is full of valuable information on why you may feel pain. Once you have this knowledge it means that it is so much easier to know how to do something about it.

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from Better Birth & Baby

The Better Birth & Baby Mind and Body Relaxation audio download is designed for you to listen to after the birth, for both you and your birth partner. 

The hypnosis track is a perfect head to toe muscle relaxation, ideal to listen to when you are dealing with the often full-on and sometimes anxious times in life after the birth, letting everything go, and relaxing your whole body.. and your mind. 

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This affordable downloadable and printable PDF has over 30 Positive Birth Affirmations so that you can find the right ones for you, your baby and your birth. The first page explains how they work, has instructions on how to use them, AND has a beautiful Positivity Pledge for you to sign up to!  

It is designed perfectly for you to print out and cut out the affirmations you want to use.  

ONLY £3.90 – BUY NOW

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