Hypnobirthing Relaxation Workshop

Discover your inner calm and prepare for a positive birth

Embrace your pregnancy with relaxation and a positive mindset. 

Join us for our monthly Hypnobirthing Relaxation Workshop, a 1.5-hour oasis of calm, specially designed to support you on your pregnancy and birth journey

Pregnancy can be stressful, but it’s important to stay calm for your unborn baby. Research shows that when you’re stressed, your baby can feel it too, and that can affect your baby’s development in various ways, such as their brain function and their emotional and behavioural regulation later in life.

Which means that you have the power to influence the health of your baby before they are born.

This regular relaxation session will help you to feel more calm and positive.. a haven of tranquility for you and your unborn baby during your busy week. 

This workshop is delivered at the fabulous family-centered hub Joy Connection in Bury st Edmunds, and you can book directly onto the sessions via their website (link below). 

Scroll down to find out all that’s included and our FAQs.

Hypnobirthing relaxation
Joy Connection

What's involved and what are the benefits:

This tranquil evening session is value-packed and includes the following:


See FAQs below for more info and contact us with any questions you have about the workshop.

The location for the workshops is the family-focused creative hub and cafe called Joy Connection in Bury St Edmunds – the workshop is currently as a Guest Pop-Up Event for booking. 

Your facilitator and pregnancy relaxation guru for the day is Debbie Willis from Better Birth & Baby, Pregnancy and Birth Coach, Antenatal Educator and Hypnobirthing Practitioner.  With over 10 years of experience and knowledge supporting couples on their pregnancy and birth journeys, Debbie is perfectly placed to prepare you for a positive and calming experience. 

PLEASE NOTE!  Great news.. there is also a Birthing Partner Class on at the same time at this venue, so why not share the car with your Birth Partner and bring them too? See here for more info.


Note: Participating in more than one of these sessions during your pregnancy would offer maximum benefits. However, you can attend just one workshop if that is more feasible for you.

Anytime from 14 weeks pregnant right up to your estimated due date or when you go into labour!

The location for the workshops is the family-focused creative hub and cafe called Joy Connection in Bury St Edmunds – the workshop is currently a Guest Pop-Up Event for booking.

Their address is:

Joy Connection
24B Angel Hill
Bury St Edmunds

(Next to The One Bull)

Parking available at The Angel Car Park and Ram Meadow Car Park.

Debbie Willis from Better Birth & Baby and Antenatal Academy is your facilitator for the day. She has over 10 years’ experience supporting pregnant folks on their birth journey through antenatal education, pregnancy and birth coaching and hypnobirthing.

Yes, a range of drinks and a small yummy snack is provided.


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